Team building

Anytime, anywhere

A Team Building project to boost your workforce teams remotely during confinement and continue to work on team spirit and company values and feel more connected than ever with Microsoft Teams

A new context

We stay at home

We work from home and we've changed our day to day and the way we communicate.
But we're still connected.

What are the lessons learned?

When we get back, what are the lessons learned as a team?

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We will come back!

Let’s create an opportunity out of the situation and take advantage to connect with the people who are part of our company because we will be back!

What do we offer?

Dynamize teams working remotely in an agile, fun, coordinated and measurable way, with Team Building techniques, using the tools they are already used to integrated into their Digital Workplace.

We do it in 4 stages:



Quick test to know, understand and analyze company values and employees and the processes that affect each of the teams.



We set a plan of activities to overcome the challenges identified in the previous phase.

Teams of 10-15 people.



Group dynamics techniques are run in Microsoft Teams, with daily activity tracking.


we're back party

We prepare media content with all the resources generated, to share it with all the company members in a face-to-face party in your offices. Of course, once this is over 🙂

We add value:

MRC’s Team Building Model...

An open and multidirectional framework through 6 key aspects (the 6 C’s), focusing on the participant and continuously promoting interaction and exchange among the Team members.

The program is designed to tackle in a flexible and versatile way the key aspects of teamwork.

... and Microsoft Teams best practices from Raona

Microsoft’s most popular tool for collaborative work and corporate communication.

An application with 44 million monthly users that has become key in teleworking and that we customize to meet exactly your goals.

How are we going to engage the teams?

Ice-breaker dynamics

Inspirational videos and discussion forums 

Expert’s webinars

Collaborative activities

Manual or intellectual skills, creativity, video collages.


Gamification is used to encourage participant engagement and motivation.

Virtual experiences

Activities related to the daily life of each participant.

We’re back party!

Once we are back at the office, we will have a party to share all the generated content and show that we’ve grown as a team.

Let’s bring out all the positive!

7, 14 or 21-days programs...

We launch a series of activities each week according to company’s availability and objectives. 

Our team

For this program we have joined with our partner MRC International people training.


We have 32 years of experience in training, workshops and coaching. We are specialists in multiplying results in organizations by developing those who work in them in the application of soft skills.

How? We train to obtain changes of behaviors and attitudes that have a direct impact on the relationships (R2) between people and departments, upstairs and downstairs, in order that the available resources of the company (R1) will produce increased results (R3) for our clients. 

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We are a technology consulting company, specialized in the Employee’s Digital Experience. We are backed by more than 200 intranets and Digital Workplaces implanted in companies from all sectors. 

We empower employees’ digital capabilities with the use of Microsoft tools, integrating business platforms and intensively working on cloud infrastructure.

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